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Comprehensive understanding of the current state, desires, and long-term vision for the entire IT infrastructure platform.

Improved operational efficiency: The solution system must meet and enhance the efficiency of supporting business objectives.

Cost optimization: Balancing cost and effectiveness through selecting and implementing appropriate solutions.

Maximizing competitive edge: Utilizing the IT platform to create products and services that provide a competitive advantage in the market.

Risk minimization: Reducing risks related to business processes and operations through effective management and monitoring on the IT infrastructure platform.

eNAO's experts will focus resources on executing the following steps:

Analysis and Evaluation of Current Status 01

  • Analyze the current IT environment of the enterprise, including infrastructure, applications, processes, and human resources.
  • Identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the IT platform within the enterprise.
  • Analyze the impact and effectiveness of applying an IT strategy suitable for the current situation and future vision of the enterprise.

Goal Identification 02

  • Collaborate with business leadership to determine goals aligned with the vision, including both business and IT infrastructure objectives.
  • Ensure that IT goals are closely and consistently integrated with the overall business goals of the enterprise.
  • Propose direction, methodologies, and phased roadmaps for specific goals.

Developing Development Strategy 03

  • Develop a plan closely aligned with the roadmap and vision of the enterprise to achieve appropriate goals.

Implementing Deployment Strategy 04

  • Partnering with the business throughout the IT strategy implementation process, from overarching architecture down to selecting and deploying suitable solutions along the roadmap.
  • Participating in the deployment process to ensure the compatibility and effectiveness of solutions in meeting goals at each stage.

Management and Monitoring 05

  • Closely monitor each step of the IT strategy roadmap, evaluate output results, and propose and implement appropriate adjustments.
  • Specifically map the effectiveness of the IT strategy at each stage and compare it with the set objectives.

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