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eNAO is a leading technology company in Vietnam specializing in Data Integration and System Architecture.

The talent and vision of the Vietnamese people can bring the country up to speed with the world's cutting-edge trends.

With a deep understanding of the local landscape and customer needs, eNAO quickly emerged as one of the prominent technology project contractors in Vietnam. Beyond that, we continue to extend our solutions to large clients in the Asian region.

Core Values

Futuristic Technology

By harnessing the most advanced technologies, eNAO brings customers closer to strategic future directions.

Pioneering Leadership

Amidst the vast race of the times, eNAO only competes with itself

Comprehensive Understanding

By striving to understand customers' issues from an insider's perspective, eNAO can truly serve wholeheartedly.

Our Vision

In the coming years, eNAO aims to extend its value to more domestic enterprises while continuing to expand into international markets.

After nearly a decade of development, eNAO's journey has been one where we've leveraged technology to create a competitive advantage for leading businesses. Our actions reflect a continuous development of capabilities and a spirit of service to address the question of what value technology brings to practical life and business challenges.

Technology partners

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