We provide a comprehensive platform to deliver software solutions that deliver optimal business value. Software and application development services help our customers increase productivity, deliver top business results, and increase the value of their technology investments. Transparency so that customers can estimate costs and efforts for advanced technology platforms that contribute to higher profits

With a team of professional software engineers, consultants, architectures, project managers and technical support teams, eNao is capable of providing advanced technology solutions across many business domains

Our Strengths

  • Good, experienced and professional staffs
  • The software implementation process is transparent and flexible.
  • Using advanced technology, constantly updating in line with market trends

Technical capability

Language Java

NodeJS, React


Framework Java Spring boot
Platform OS (windows, linux, aix)

Web application server: Weblogic, Tomcat

Cloud: K8s,

Database SQL: Oracle, Postgresql, SQL Server

NoSQL: MongoDB

Other Caching: Redis

Messaging: Kafka, Rabit MQ, JMS

Searching: Solr