The word “Nao” in Vietnamese can have different meanings when written with different diacritical marks, e.g. “Não” means the brain. “Náo” means stirring, causing commotion or excitement. “Nào”, equivalent of the English word “Let’s”, can be a marching order. At the same time, “Nao” is a phonetic play on the English word “now”, which technically can imply modern, current, real-time contexts.

Creation process

EnterpriseNao is established in 2016 with the hope to embody all the above characteristics in our vision to provide first-class (i) consulting, (ii) outsourcing (iii) value-added solutions, and (iv) software for enterprises in Vietnam and across Asia. Our team comprises of seasoned Vietnamese and expat IT professionals with deep global experience in delivering enterprise software solutions across different platforms, including TIBCO, IBM, and Oracle, and across different industries, including financial, retails, eGov, energy, logistics, and healthcare.


As digital visions continues to drive and revolutionize corporate infrastructure today, EnterpriseNao aims to provide consultancy for companies inside and outside Vietnam to improve business efficiency and stay relevant, by helping them address technological shifts and introduce optimal new solutions–moving from siloed/batch-based to integrated/real-time, from transaction-driven to event/data-driven, from legacy BI to real-time/actionable analytics with insights, from monolithic to API-driven, and from physical data centers to hybrid cloud deployments.


Headquartered in Hanoi with teams across Hanoi, Danang, and Ho Chi Minh City, EnterpriseNao also has strong knowledge of the local markets and cultural underpinnings. We are helping multi-national corporations in enabling an outsourcing talent pool to provide customized solutions not only for the Vietnam market but also across Asia.

We strongly believe the future is now, EnterpriseNao!